How to Make Money using Chat GPT (with Realistic Use Cases)

There are many websites and Youtube videos recently that promise to help people make $200, $500, even $2,300 a day using ChatGPT for some type of hustle. We break down the hype and examine some of the realities that few people mention in their articles and videos.

This isn’t to say that Chat GPT can’t help you earn more money and that it’s not an incredibly versatile tool that can help you start a side business or level up in your existing career. However, as with many things there is a level of nuance involved in turning hype into reality.

Hustle #1.) Using Chat GPT to Create Content

Easily the most commonly cited way to make money using ChatGPT is by creating content. The form of content can vary. Blogging and Affiliate Marketing are often cited. If you’re unfamiliar with blog monetization there are two primary paths.

Website monetization with Ads

If you have a website that is decently well trafficked ads are the most passive way to earn income. You can pretty easily monetize a website with advertising platforms. Google AdSense is by far the biggest player in the market. A great alternative ad platform that we have used and recommend is Ezoic. Most websites we have read note that the payouts per ad view are higher on Ezoic than Google, and they have a lower threshold to join their platform compared to other premium ad networks.

Website monetization with Affiliate Links

Affiliate Links are a way for websites to earn commission on products or services when someone follows a link and ultimately sign up for a service or purchase a product. A big example of this is who’s affiliate program will pay a content publisher around 2% of the purchase price of a product when they purchase an item through an Amazon Affiliate Link. Another example, is the link above for Ezoic. It’s an affiliate program, that Pop! Automation may receive a commission on. It’s worth noting that we use affiliate links in moderation and only recommend products that we would use ourselves.

How does Chat GPT Help you Create Content?

So, if the two ways to make money through a website are affiliate links, and ads. The question is how can you use Chat GPT to create content that will either funnel people to an affiliate link to earn commission, or to go to your website that’s designed to maximize traffic.

In the last few months a countless number of Artificial Intelligence (AI) powered tools have come to market that promise to help you optimize your website for Google or even write content for you. While there can be some value in these tools, we do not recommend using ChatGPT as a source for writing SEO optimized content.

The general reason for this is that it guarantees your content will be average. Chat GPT assimilates existing content, and uses it to synthesize an article that is the average of its training data. This means that it’s unlikely to rank high on Google, even if it claims to be well optimized.

Google, the global leader in Internet Search is likely to change their ranking profiles in the near future to not rank AI generated content as highly as content that contains original ideas. They are not necessarily against AI, but they want to ensure that content is fresh, relevant and reflects personal experience.

You can use Chat GPT to help inform writing. It does a decent job on broad topics that occurred prior to its training cutoff in September 2021. It can also give you ideas of what to add to an article with prompts like, give me 30 article ideas related to root beer.

Man is excited that it's raining money.  The money was so easy to earn with Chat GPT they thought that anyone can do it.

Using Chat GPT to Build a Better Website

Web traffic is mostly a function of page ranking on Google. The first several spots on Google will generate the most traffic, while being #10 or lower means you may only get a fraction of the clickthrough that you would receive in the first spot.

Without large amounts of traffic, it’s unlikely that you will make any significant amount of money from advertising. Some very niche Affiliate sites have been known to do this if its a high paying niche and a target audience that’s lucrative for advertisers.

Part of creating a high traffic website, is setting up a site and growing it. You may not have the funds to hire a professional developer at first, but if you want to go this route, you can utilize Chat GPT to help with web development. Chat GPT can help you build a better website. Platforms like WordPress can be very inexpensive to sign up for, and domain name registration is relatively inexpensive.

WordPress can be really difficult to efficiently setup. There are some decent guides online that walk you through the process, but ChatGPT is by far the best resource that we’ve used to answer question. Some of the advice is a bit dated when it comes to the specifics of plugs, but WordPress specifically is so infrequently updated and well documented that ChatGPT is fantastic as a guide.

Hustle #2.) Using Chat GPT to Create an App

Another common use case cited is to have Chat GPT write a computer program or app for you. This is entirely possible, and we even used ChatGPT to create a simple automation with zero experience in Python. We created the automation using GPT-3.5 which has since been surpassed by GPT-4.

The Chat GPT-4 is much improved over the older versions, and is accessible through a ChatGPT Plus subscription. If you want to use Chat GPT to write code, we highly recommend signing up for Plus. It is much better at code writing. When we used GPT-3.5 it took us hours of trial and error to get ChatGPT to produce code that worked and is exactly what we were looking for.

Even with the improved code generation of GPT-4 it’s incredibly difficult to explain exactly what you want it to output. There are nuances that you assume when describing a process that are often left out, meaning that it takes several iterations to get what you want.

Another option is to sign up for Git Hub Copilot or an AI specific coding tool. These tools won’t necessarily create the code 100% for you but will suggest large sections of code. If you have a little bit of programming experience this could be a more efficient option for you.

Creating an App or SaaS using Chat GPT + Low Code App Development

If you want to build an app or Software as a Service (Saas), we suggest looking at a platform like FlutterFlow. It’s a mostly drag and drop app development platform that uses Google Firebase as a platform and lets you program using Flutter. Flutter is an easy to learn programming language developed by Google.

Even if you don’t know programming, you could utilize low-code tools to get an app to a workable level and reference ChatGPT to fill in the blanks. ChatGPT can write custom code on your behalf, but you would not have to use it nearly as much because the low code platform is doing a lot of the heavy lifting for you.

FlutterFlow also has the added benefit of already having many popular add-ons integrated so it’s not hard to scale infrastructure or accept payments.

Hustle #3.) Resell AI Generated Art

This one we can actually see working. The idea is to use a service like Midjourney to create art on your behalf. Then you can post the art on a reselling website where they will print it on a t-shirt, canvas or whatever medium and pay you a commission for each print sold.

It’s debatable whether or not AI generated art is truly art as a matter of philosophy, but we’re pretty sure that nobody has a clue where art comes from that’s sold at stores like Target or Walmart. If it’s created by an AI and someone finds it pleasing to look at, then there’s the possibility that that they will buy it to hang on a wall or place on a t-shirt.

The one caveat to this plan is that some online print shops and art marketplaces may be flooded with AI generated content and force them to enact rules that discourage it. If it takes minimal effort for you to create a piece of art, the odds are that it takes the same amount of minimal effort for others to do the same thing.

Creating exceptional AI art might require a degree of Prompt Engineering to set it apart from your competitors, which will likely become a more lucrative skillset in the future.

Hustle #4.) Turbo Charge your Job Search

This isn’t really a hustle, but it’s worth mentioning that one of the most efficient ways for people to make more money is to change jobs. Chat GPT can be used across the entire hiring process from helping you build a better resume, write a cover letter, and prepare for interviews.

It’s not nearly as exciting as making thousands of dollars a day by prompting a chat bot, but it’s pragmatic and worth exploring for many people who have been in the same job for years and have little hope of any serious upside in their current position.

Making Money Takes Time

Whenever you see a YouTube personality, or website telling you that you can make $3,000 per day it’s worth being skeptical but not sinical. Some of these people could have good intentions, they could also be overly exaggerating to get you to click on their site in the name of web traffic for ad revenue.

It is entirely possible to make hundreds or thousands of dollars a day, but it is not going to be instantaneous. Even if you were able to setup a website with the help of Chat GPT and use it to rank highly on Google it can take Google days or weeks to list your webpage. Then depending on the niche it may not be number one in the listings for several months.

Setting up an app or creating AI art work may even be the easy part. Finding someone to sell the product to and developing and identifying a marketing could take a long time too. Some of the blog articles that we read entirely skip over the fact that they have a built in audience of tens of thousands of viewers already in which they can offer AI generated content to.

Most money is made due to consistent and sustained effort. Success does not come overnight for most of us. Whatever route you choose, Chat GPT can certainly help you achieve your goals, but it may not make you $500 or $5,000 a day at the click of a button in a day or two.

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