How to Setup Ezoic Ads with Wix

Wix is a popular website builder that is easy to use while offering many advanced features. We highly recommend it for businesses, blogs, and users who do not have access to a professional web developer to manage a WordPress site. We explain the ways that you can place Ezoic Ads on your Wix website and why you should consider it as an alternative to Google Adsense.

Can you host ads on Wix?

Yes, you can host ads on Wix. WIx natively supports Google AdSense. To add it to your Wix website, you have to go to the App Marketplace, and install the Google AdSense add-on. Once it’s installed, you will be prompted to log in with your Google Account.

There is some additional setup required, as you have to first sign up for Google AdSense if you do not have one setup already. It may take a couple of business days for your account to be approved by Google. There is a review process where they make sure your website is of high quality and does not contain objectionable content prior to serving ads on your site.

Because Wix only shows the Google AdSense add-on in their marketplace, it can be somewhat confusing. While it’s the only natively supported ad solution, you are able to use Wix with many other ad platforms. There are a couple that are only compatible with WordPress hosting, but you are not tied to only using AdSense.

Screenshot of Google AdSense plugin available in the Wix App Marketplace.  Highlighting that Ezoic is not a native add-on to Wix.

Does Ezoic work with Wix?

Yes, Ezoic works with Wix. In fact, Ezoic works with most web hosting platforms.

Ezoic works by integrating their AI powered Ad optimization engine with your website. They do this by having a website owner route a website to Ezoic Servers, where Ezoic inserts Ads into your website, and then serves it to the person viewing your page.

Ezoic’s advanced Big Data AI engine will automatically place ads of various sizes on your website. It then uses Machine Learning to essentially guess and check which ads generate the most revenue for each webpage viewer.

The website owner is given several options for how many ads they want to show their audience, and gives you control over whether you want to show video ads, vignette or full page pop up ads. They also have the capability to allow you to place ads yourself using a Google Chrome plugin to paint boxes of different sizes on your site in various places.

Even if it seems like there are a lot of ads placed on your site, Ezoic does not show all of the ads at one time to your viewers. They use the place holders to A-B test ad position and size. Over a period of several months, the machine learning algorithms determine the optimal ad size and location to earn you the maximum amount of money on their platform.

Why use Ezoic over Google AdSense?

Through our research, we did not find any sources online through websites, blogs or YouTube that said that they made less money using Ezoic than they made using Google AdSense. In our own experience, we found that Ezoic paid 50% – 100% more than what we were earning on Google’s Ad platform.

It’s important to note that your own experience may vary. Ad payouts vary greatly between industries, blog topics, content type, and the mix of which countries your audience is coming from. The more appealing your audience is to online advertisers, the more money you can expect to make.

Put another way, if people that view your site are shoppers that buy products, advertisers will pay you more to get in front of them.

We see testing out Ezoic as a zero-risk proposition for most people. Especially if you are currently using Google Auto Ads. Because the setup is relatively simple, it’s easy to turn off if you do not like the results and can usually switch back to Google AdSense with relative ease.

How to Sign Up and Setup Ezoic with Wix

The first step to setting up Ezoic is to sign up for a free account.

It can take a few days to get everything approved. The Ezoic team reviews your site for quality, and they want to make sure that all integrations are setup. Beyond integrating with your website, you will typically have to create a Google Ad Manager account and link it to Ezoic as well.

Ezoic is an ad bidding network, meaning that they act as an auction of sorts to get the best performing ads they can to place on your website. Since Google is one of the biggest online ad platforms on the planet, Ezoic will ask you to setup and link accounts.

The last step that Ezoic has you do is setup ad placeholders. By default they will use AI to dtermine where to best place ads on your site, but they still prefer that a human goes through and insert place holders. This is done through a Google Chrome browser plugin. You install the plugin, then go to a page of your website. Turn on the plugin, and you basically add different size placeholder boxes on your site where you think a lot of people might see an ad.

Don’t worry if you have a lot of placeholders, Ezoic does not show all of them to a user at the same time.

Setting Up DNS Routing for Wix and Ezoic

This is where a lot of people tend to get confused in the setup process.

The way most websites work is as follows:

1.) You pay for a domain name like like GoDaddy or NameCheap.

2.) You use DNS (Domain Name Server) routings to point that domain name to the service that hosts your website.

A domain name provider does not have to be the same as your web hosting provider. For example, I could register a domain name with NameCheap and point it to a Wix website.

After being approved, Ezoic will give you the location of Ezoic servers to point your Domain Name to.

3.) Point your Domain Name to the Ezoic Servers, using the information that Ezoic Provides.

4.) Ezoic will in turn point their DNS servers to the location of where your website is hosted. In this case, Wix.

Ezoic sits in the middle between your normal domain name and where your website is hosted. So a normal flow would look like:

Domain Name Registrar -> Ezoic -> Your Website Host

Setting up DNS routing if Wix Hosts Your Domain

If you already have a domain name with Wix, you can route the Domain to Ezoic using the routing information that they provide. Then you can route Ezoic back to Wix.

You can find your CNAME and A records (Essentially the address computers use to find your website) by following these instructions from Wix: Resetting Your Default A and CNAME Records | Help Center | Most of the information is available Settings > Domains

Screenshot showing where to update DNS and Domain settings on the Wix website to route the site to Ezoic.

Transferring Your Domain Away from Wix

This step shouldn’t be necessary in most cases, but if you want to be the master of your own destiny and own your domain outside of the Wix platform you can do so. Wix does not hold your domain name hostage. After finding a new domain provider, you can edit the DNS settings under Settings > Domains and there is a section for you to request a transfer. You can read more about how this process works here; Transferring Your Wix Domain Away from Wix | Help Center |

Challenges with Ad Placements

One issue to point out is that when we were setting up Ezoic using the Google Chrome plugin, we were able to place ads in most locations with no problems. The ad placement plugin can be a bit tricky to get it to select the exact spot that you want it, but overall isn’t that difficult.

We did try to place multiple long sidebars on the blog post page and were never able to do so. We don’t know if this was an issue with the way the plugin works, or if it is an incompatibility with Wix and the Ezoic plugin.

Using Ezoic Leap with Wix

Ezoic Leap is an added feature for publishers that utilize their ad platform. It’s a tool to optimize the delivery of your webpage. It does things like Minify CSS, help you Lazy Load Java Script and uses a Content Delivery Network to speed up your website. In our experience, we found that it added minimal value for our Wix webpage. Wix natively has a lot of these features already.

WordPress websites can be very slow to load even with fast hosting without proper speed optimizations. Ezoic Leap users could see a greater benefit than those using Wix. If you do want to try it, be sure to test your website out before finalizing the settings, we did see a couple of settings that broke our page navigation buttons and dropdown menus.

Other Benefits of Ezoic

One area that Ezoic shines over Wix is the added depth of functionality that you get with Analytics. Their analytics platform gives you a lot of details and insights above what Wix natively offers. Google Analytics will give you a lot of similar information but we find that Ezoic is generally easier to use and get actionable insights from without going crazy trying to customize visuals and dashboards with Universal Analytics or GA-4


We highly recommend signing up for Ezoic as an alternative to Google AdSense. It takes a few business days to get everything approved, but the additional ad revenue that you’re likely to see is well worth it.

It’s worth noting that Ezoic is one of the few ad networks that do not require a high visitor count or a certain percentage of your visitor origination from a handful of countries to qualify for entrance into a network.

There’s not much risk to signing up, and if you find that the results are not what you expected, you can easily turn Ezoic off by re-routing your DNS settings away from them.

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