How to Add a Power BI Column with a Fixed Value

Sometimes you need to add a column to your data model in Power BI with a fixed value. Some common scenarios for this are categorizing or labeling a data source prior to appending it or merging it with additional tables. Other times it is a simpler method to get a sum of all rows without writing a DAX formula. Whatever the case may be, here is the easiest way to add a column with a single value in Power BI.

Option 1.) Click on New Columns from the Modeling Tab

You can access the Query Editor by selecting a section of your data and click on New Column from the Modeling tab of the ribbon.

This will Create a Formula bar that you can type the desired column name and the column value. The value that you specify will be the value for all rows in your dataset.

You may need to surround your value in quotes if it is a long piece of text, or a string datatype. Number values will not require quotes.

Screenshot of Create New Column in Modeling tab of Power BI
Screenshot of Formula Bar in Power BI to Create a Custom Column

Option 2.) Add a Column in Power Query Editor

Many more options are available to you in the Power Query Editor. You can add Custom Columns based on Formulas. Power BI uses the M Query Language for the column editor.

You can also easily create conditional columns for times when you need to base the value of the new column on the value of another one.

Screenshot of Power BI Query Editor

The Custom Column editor works the same as adding a formula from the New Column button on the Modeling Tab but gives you more space and you can more easily write complex formulas.

Screenshot of Creating a Custom Column in Power BI

Updating Power BI Column Data Types

Don’t forget to update the data type of your new column. It will need to be a numeric format if you want to use it to come up with a calculation, such as a sum or a different calculation as part of a Measure.

Data Types can be updated by right clicking the column header, and go to Change Type in the contextual menu, then select the type of data that the column represents.

Screenshot of Power BI Data Type Menu

Using Chat GPT as a Resource for Power BI Development

If you are new to the Power BI platform, we highly recommend using Chat GPT as a reference guide. It is a Natural Language Processing Chat Bot that allows you to ask questions and receive meaningful answers.

It has been trained on datasets that include Power BI Formula Writing, and general Navigation. Learn more about Chat GPT and Power BI here:

How to Use Chat GPT with Power BI (

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