Features Coming and Going in Alteryx Release 2024.1

Alteryx has launched its latest iteration of Designer, version 2024.1, packed with significant enhancements and new features designed to streamline data analytics workflows. This release focuses on improving user experience, introducing advanced functionalities, and phasing out less efficient tools.

Here’s an in-depth look at what the new version brings to the table.

AiDIN Copilot: Use AI for Workflow Automation

One of the standout features of Designer 2024.1 is the introduction of AiDIN Copilot. This AI-driven tool aims to simplify and enhance workflow creation by providing intelligent suggestions and automating repetitive tasks. AiDIN Copilot leverages machine learning algorithms to analyze user patterns and recommend the most efficient ways to build and optimize workflows.

Alteryx Users interested in signing up to access the pre-release version of AiDIN are able to apply now.

New Formula Functions

Alteryx Designer 2024.1 introduces several new formula functions that expand the already extensive number of available formulas in the software. New formulas for Alteryx Designer 2024.1 include:

  • Coalesce: Returns the first non-null value from a list of arguments.
  • DateTimeQuarter: Extracts the quarter from a date.
  • Cos: Calculates the cosine of an angle.
  • FindString: Returns the position of the first occurrence of a substring within a string.
  • IsNull: Checks if a value is null.
  • Rand: Generates a random number between 0 and 1.
  • RandInt: Generates a random integer within a specified range.

Phasing Out Excel XLS Format Support and Other Connectors

In line with industry trends and the push towards more modern and efficient file formats, Alteryx Designer 2024.1 will begin phasing out support for the Excel XLS format. Users are encouraged to adopt the newer XLSX format, which offers better performance and compatibility with contemporary data workflows.

This change is expected to simplify data handling and improve overall efficiency within the platform. It will also be one of the largest impact for people using legacy systems that cannot generate XLSX files. Prior to upgrading you will want to ensure that incoming reports can be provided in XLSX, CSV, Text or other compatible file formats.

To offset some of the pain of no longer being able to use XLS files, 2024.1 will introduce a new experience for working with XLSX files.

In addition, this version of Alteryx will mark the end of support for Automation Anywhere 360 and Dropbox.

Native Support for Parquet Files

A long requested feature, Alteryx will now support the ability to work with Parquet Files. We’re optimistic that this along with other recent improvements will make it easier to use Alteryx with data lake solutions such as Databricks.

Alteryx Designer Introduces Individual Formula Disabling

In the latest update, Alteryx Designer now allows users to enable and disable specific formula expressions within the Formula tool. This new feature offers enhanced flexibility for building, testing, troubleshooting, and executing workflows. Users can dynamically interact with the disable expression toggle via the Action tool when designing Analytic Apps. For instance, a checkbox can determine whether a formula expression is executed, streamlining workflow customization and control.

Enhanced AMP Support, Dark Mode and Bug Fixes

The update brings AMP support to several more tools, improved dark mode experience and a host of smaller enhancements and bug fixes aimed at improving stability and user experience. These updates address various user feedback and ensure that the platform remains robust and reliable for all types of data analysis tasks.


Alteryx Designer 2024.1 represents an incremental step forward in the evolution of the platform, introducing new features and enhancements. While we lament XLS format support ending, the inclusion of AiDIN Copilot, and added support for Parquet files show that Alteryx is leaving the past behind while improving support for future looking technologies.

For more detailed information, users can explore the official release notes.

As always, we recommend reading the release notes carefully prior to upgrading your user base. It’s not uncommon to gain features but see the introduction of new bugs or connectors break when a brand new version of Alteryx is released. Take inventory of what your current use cases are and plan your rollout accordingly.

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