What are AI Artists and Why You Should Hire One

Will AI Artist be the next job created by the advent of generative AI? Similar to how a prompt engineer will help train and get the most out of products like ChatGPT, an AI artist will use their skills to get more out of image generation tools like Midjourney and Stable Diffusion.

An AI Artist utilizes artificial intelligence to enhance and streamline the graphics production process.  Duties include training neural networks, implementing the latest AI technologies in art creation, automating processes, and integrating AI into art production.

It’s an exciting new job opportunity being enabled by the advent of generative AI. Artists will be expected to not only use AI to generate images, but they will also be creating videos and many other visual assets in the near future.

AI Artists will be able to generate amazing images in record time.

Let’s take a look at this exciting new and emerging career path.

AI Artists are Prompt Engineers for Graphics Production

Prompt Engineering is a cross-functional job where engineers will have training in artificial intelligence, machine learning and neural networks. Rather than being focused on the science of math behind the algorithms that make AI possible, they are focused on the practical application of AI.

Prompt Engineers like AI Artists will use their experience and knowledge of how an AI responds to text prompts to generate better results than would otherwise be possible.

AI Artists will use their knowledge to create graphics, streamline the graphics generation process and use their knowledge to train the generative AI models that are creating graphics to improve future results.

Benefits of Hiring an AI Artist

Companies that are interested in generating better AI images might find it useful to hire a dedicated AI artist. Getting the most of text prompts can be an art unto itself.

The best results that we have seen come from people that already have a depth of knowledge related to photography and videography.

Being able to accurately describe shots, camera types, film stock, aperture and other key photographic terms all translate into better image generation by today’s AI tools.

Combining a background knowledge of art and combining it with a number of hours required to become an expert will mean that you will get better results much faster than trying to go through the learning curve on your own.

How much does an AI Artist Make?

Early job listings on indeed.com point to average starting salaries between $50,000 and $60,000 USD per year. As the demand for AI Artists expands, we expect this pay range to expand to make room for both entry level positions that could be outsourced overseas to Sr. AI Artists that work more on technical graphic design and model training.

Freelancers are available for hire on popular freelancing sites. These services can be a good fit for people and businesses that are starting to explore AI Art generation but are not ready to commit to hiring a full-time dedicated employee.

Generative AI models are being improved at record pace. Looking at some of the original images generated by OpenAI Dall-E2 pale in comparison to what newer models like Midjourney and Stable Diffusion are capable of.

The pace of improvement will only accelerate in the near future, and it will take a significant investment in time to ensure that the highest quality art is being generated.

Where can you find AI Artists for hire?

AI Artists are available for hire on platforms like Fiverr (Affiliate Link) and Upwork. Fiverr has been one of our favorite platforms for hiring people for quick jobs. It’s relatively inexpensive compared to other platforms and you can typically get a number of different bids in a short period of time.

Upwork has a lot of a high-quality candidates and tends to be more expensive. When we’re not sure of what we want, we’ll turn to Fiverr and hire out a few inexpensive jobs as an experiment. If it seems promising, we might look at hiring someone for a longer-term contract on a different freelancing service.

Posting jobs on indeed.com or other job boards is the best for hiring full-time employees.

Can AI art be used for commercial purposes?

AI Art can be used for commercial purposes, but it is not allowed by all of the different art generation services available today. We recently updated our guide on the best AI art generators that allow for commercial use.

If you are a business or looking to resell art that’s been generated by AI, we recommend paying close attenting to the terms of use.

Generative AI is an emerging field, and there are countless news stories about AI companies being the targets of lawsuits. It’s such a new field that very few rules and laws have been published to clarify the nuance of who owns or doesn’t own content.

How to Improve Your Generative AI Prompts

Youtube is a great resource for learning more about creating visual art using AI. There are a number of great videos available to help people create better graphics.

While some of our favorite videos are focused on re-creating cinematic shots, there are a number of use cases that are not quite as exciting but have a plethora of real-world use cases, such as creating repeating patterns, textures, and graphics assets that become part of a larger art production.

Many videos focus on Midjourney, one of the most popular service available today the prompts are transferrable to many of the other AI art tools available today.


As AI continues to progress, many people are afraid of it upsetting their current job. AI holds the promise of ushering in a new era of productivity and eliminating many popular while collar jobs. It can be an unnerving reality.

However, as we see more AI specific job lists such as AI Artist and Prompt Engineer becoming more popular, it gives us hope that people will be enabled to create amazing things that would not have been possible or would have been much more difficult without the assistance of AI.

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