How to Enable or Disable Text Wrapping in Power BI

Text wrapping in Power BI is set at the individual visualization level. Text can be set to wrap automatically, or it can continue unwrapped at the risk of being cutoff when the incoming data changes. We’ll explain how to toggle word wrap on and off in Power BI and suggest some best practices to maintain consistency in your dashboards.

Learn how to enable, disable, and troubleshoot Power BI Text Wrap and Word Wrap settings under formatting options and controlling column or text widths

Getting text to be presented on a Power BI visual in just the right way can be more frustrating than it sounds. We’ll explain how to toggle text wrapping on and off along with how it works and best practices.

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What is Text Wrapping in Power BI?

Text wrap settings control how a Power BI visual reacts when a column is too narrow to fit the full amount of a text or number value in a single row. When this occurs, Power BI will automatically adjust the height of a row and fit as much of the data into the column as possible.

When text wrap is enabled, it will look like the following.

Example of text wrap enable and words going to multiple rows in Power BI

It can cause reports to have poor readability, but luckily it is a quick and easy fix.

How to Enable or Disable Word Wrap in Power BI

Text wrapping in Power BI is controlled at the individual visualization level, and within each visual there are three separate fields that can be set to wrap text, titles, column headers, and values. The fastest way to find the settings is to select a visual, then navigate to the Format Visual options on the Visualizations Panel and search for “Text Wrap”.

The screenshot below shows text wrap enabled for values, and column headers, and the Cookie Name field being wrapped.

Screenshot of Text Wrap options selected on the Power BI format visuals panel

Utilizing the search feature will show you all of the settings for Text Wrap and filter them into a single column.

You can toggle each Text Wrap option on and off individually as needed.

Tip: An added benefit to using the format search function is that you can select another visual, and the search criteria stays the same. The options will filter for the next visual, letting you quickly update formatting options of multiple visuals quickly.

When text wrapping is disabled, values will show three dots … to notate that the text or number values are cutoff.

Screenshot of Text Wrap disabled on a visual and an example of truncated text

If you want to make sure that there are a number of techniques that you can use.

Let’s take a look.

Troubleshooting Common Word Wrap Issues in Power BI

Here are some tips that will help you avoid having text that wraps or gets cutoff unexpectedly.

  • Text Wrap works at the column level. Re-sizing a visual will have no impact.
  • To auto-size a column width to fit all values, double click to the right of a column header when the mouse icon changes to a line with two arrows on it.
  • Force column widths by renaming a field value header to include spaces. This only works when showing values on column using a Matrix visual.
  • Reduce font size to fit more data on a single visual.
  • Present values as whole numbers and turn on tooltips to view decimal points.

There are also techniques to Change and Specify Width of Multiple Power BI Columns if you need to make many adjustments at once.

Note: When working with variable datasets it’s possible that you can set a visual to fit the length of data and when the dataset refreshes with new values a specific field may become too long. To control for this you can create a Custom Column using the LEFT function in DAX to set a max number of characters for that field.


Power BI text wrapping can be controlled for the title, column header, and individual values. It’s set on a visual by visual basis meaning that you have to update each chart, graph, and table separately. Try using the search feature to find all text wrap settings at one time.

Other options to avoid text wrapping include limiting the length of words, or increasing the width of columns. Increasing a visual size will have no impact as words are wrapped at the column level.

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