How to Fix Excel Power Query Interface Not Displaying Correctly

Power Query in Excel is prone to a number of display issues. The most common one represents as buttons that are too big, text that is too small, and the Power Query Ribbon seems shifted out of place. While this issue typically occurs on high-resolution monitors it can also occur when switching from a laptop to plugging in an external monitor or when working across multiple monitors.

The screenshot below shows what Excel’s Power Query might look like when the interface is not showing up correctly.

Screenshot of the Excel Power Query interface displaying incorrectly

As you can see, the buttons are too big, the ribbon is out of place and the text looks off. While usable it can be fairly annoying to look at.

Fixing Power Query Interface Display Issues

To fix issues with Power Query displaying incorrect in Excel, go to File > Options > General > When using Multiple Displays settings. Select the option that’s not currently enabled, and restart Excel.

Display options for Excel to correct Power Query interface rendering issues

Even if you are not using multiple displays these settings determine how the Excel interface renders. We have seen the issue resolved most often by switching to “Optimize for Compatibility” but have on occasion see nit pop up when Optimized for appearance.

In both cases the issue has been resolved when switching to a different rendering mode. Even if you switch it back to the original method the change seems to stay in place.

For additional information on Excel display issues and further troubleshooting tips for issues like Excel Gridlines greyed out or washed out, check out our guide on How to Troubleshoot and Fix Excel Display Problems

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