A Guide to Free Resources to Learn Alteryx

Alteryx is quick to learn but can take a long time to master due to the many tools and capabilities that the platform offers. Fortunately, there are a number of online resources available to help you learn the platform, and the best part is that many of them are free and directly from Alteryx.

Alteryx provides many free resources to learn Alteryx. Some area available on the Alteryx Community site and others are built directly into the software itself.

There are two primary areas of focus when learning Alteryx. The first is the tool itself, how to navigate the interface, which tools perform which functions, what various buttons do etc. This is the part where various training materials exist to help you get started. The second part is when to use various tools, how to combine them, and how to transform data which largely comes from experience, trial and error. Alteryx has resources for both.

Let’s dive in!

Is Alteryx Easy to Learn?

The ease of learning Alteryx largely depends on how familiar you are working with data. If you’ve used tools like SQL or Excel Power Query, the learning curve is fairly low. Many of the same functions exist in Alteryx low code interface. Those new to data will find Alteryx easy to navigate but may take longer to learn general data concepts.

How Quickly Can you Learn Alteryx?

Most people can use Alteryx to create simple workflows within the first day. More complex workflows can take weeks to build out. Within several months, many people will understand best practices and have a firm grasp on the platform. The amount of time to learn Alteryx largely depends on how much time you can dedicate to it.

Resources to Learn Alteryx for Free

One of the best parts of the Alteryx Platform are the training resources available directly from Alteryx and the vast community of support which makes it easy to get up to speed when Alteryx. Most of the resources that Alteryx provides require an account to be setup to log into the Alteryx Community Website. You’ll likely already have an account setup at the time you downloaded the installer for Alteryx Designer.

Alteryx Community

The Alteryx Community Website is the starting point for most people looking to learn Alteryx. In fact, you’ve likely already seen the site if you’ve searched Google for questions related to Alteryx. There is a vibrant community of Alteryx users that answer questions from people new and experienced with the platform.

This is also the launching point for a number of other resources, such as structured interactive training classes, Alteryx certifications, weekly challenges, and topical learning paths to help expand your knowledge. The screenshot below from the Alteryx Community page shows the different sections available.

Screenshot of the Alteryx Community Website

Navigate to the Learn dropdown of the Alteryx Community website, and you’ll find a number of free resources to help get you started.

The Learn Section of the Alteryx Website showing the available resources

Even if you’re a seasoned Alteryx user, there are a number of Learning Paths to help learn advanced features, and the Tool Mastery posts can help fill in some gaps or learn some new tricks.

Alteryx Interactive Lessons

Interactive lessons focus on tools and techniques for people new to the Alteryx platform. They cover many basic topics that you’ll want to familiarize yourself with and the Interactive Lessons are a great way to do so. They allow users to view different tools and workflows and interact with them through a web app.

Below is a screenshot of some of the Interactive Lessons available on the Alteryx Community Page.

Screenshot of the Alteryx Interactive Lessons Page

The Interactive Lessons allow you to build out workflows inside of your web browser combined with information from an instructor and quizzes that provide a multi-media hands on experience.

Alteryx Learning Paths

Learning Paths are curated collections of training material that are focused on different applications of Alteryx. The Getting Started section has some overlap with the Interactive Lessons but goes into more depth and gives you the opportunity to really dive into some topics.

The Advanced Certification path is designed to give you exposure to some of the more powerful not as widely used capabilities of Alteryx to prep you for an Alteryx Certification. There are many useful topics available under this section even if you don’t plan on pursuing a certification.

The following is an example of some of the Learning Paths available from the Alteryx Community Site. Learning paths change over time and range in difficulty and time commitment.

Example of Alteryx Learning Paths or collections of curated lessons about various topics

Some of the other sections are focused on specific products or use cases such as data science, Intelligence Suite which has some pre-made AI models and pdf to text capabilities, Designer Cloud, and Alteryx Server administration.

Alteryx Certification Paths

Alteryx Certifications are a great way to highlight your skills in Alteryx. The Core and Advanced certifications are free to take the tests. Even if you decide not to pursue a certificate the learning paths cover a lot of great material that you’ll find useful. We recommend the core path for people who are new to Alteryx and just getting started.

Alteryx Challenges & Quests

Alteryx Challenges are weekly opportunities for you to practice your Alteryx skills. Alteryx will publish a weekly challenge that ranges from beginner to extremely advanced usually with a starting workflow that you download and an end goal.

The screenshot below of the weekly challenges show some of the most recent ones, but you can also find an archive of old challenges that are organized by skill or difficulty.

Weekly challenges of varying difficult let you work through problems and view the results of others

It gives you an opportunity to go from beginning to end on your own, and when you’re finished you can either post your solution or view solutions that other people have created. Even if you choose not to post your solution, it can be beneficial to view how others completed a problem as there are many ways to solve the problem using different tools or formulas in Alteryx.

From Alteryx Designer, you can access the Alteryx Community by searching in the top right search box for a topic. When you start typing a question recommended tools will appear, along with links to in-depth help articles and links to the Alteryx Community Forum where people have asked and answered similar questions.

Using Alteryx Designer to search for community articles directly inside of Designer

There is even a “Ask the Community a Question” link built directly into the Designer Search box where you can get help with your workflow.

Alteryx Tool Examples

If you’re ever curious about how to configure a tool, or what it does you can right-click on a tool in the Alteryx Toolbar and select Open Example. This will open a Tool Example page that shows you multiple ways to configure a tool that usually covers the most common and some not so common use cases.

An Alteryx Tool example for Text to Columns built directly into Designer

There are even some formula examples that you can use for tools like Generate Rows and the Multi-Row formula so you don’t have to remember the syntax or formulas that the tools are commonly used for.

Alteryx Sample Workflows

For more ideas on how to string tools together and to see some of the advanced capabilities of Alteryx, go to Help > Sample Workflows to open fully built out example workflows. You can also download additional sample workflows for more specific use cases such as for logistics or finance from the Alteryx Download Portal or the Alteryx Community Site.

Where to find Alteryx Sample Workflows from within Designer.

Sample Workflows are useful when you’re getting started to see how tools string together. We also recommend looking at them as you get more comfortable with Alteryx as you may notice some different techniques as you get more comfortable and have a better understanding of more tools.


Alteryx really does a great job providing free resources for people to learn Alteryx. Most are available on the Alteryx Community website, but there are also a number of resources built directly into Alteryx Designer itself. At first Alteryx can seem intimidating because of how many different things it can do, but the majority of workflows are built using the same dozen or so different tools combined and configured in different ways.

By going through the learning paths, you’ll gain exposure to what each tool does, but you’ll need to spend some time in Alteryx to gain experience and understand how data fits together and how tools can be combined. The weekly challenges are a good starting point, but we also recommend trying to build an Alteryx workflow with your own data to re-create an existing process to learn by doing.

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